What’s it all about Alfie?

Thank you for visiting this page, I have created this page just to record my thoughts and experiences around going to concerts in a way which will hopefully resonate with anyone who is also a fan of this experience.

I have been attending gigs for 40 years and have seen a massive variety of acts in a massive variety of venues and pre Covid I usually managed to get out see music 80-90 nights per year.

I hope to continually update this page with memories and also current experiences of gigs as well as other content which is interesting to me.

I registered the domain inthecrowd.co.uk in 2005 with the intention of doing this exercise so obviously it has been a long time coming but hopefully I can make up for lost time.

Why inthecrowd.co.uk?

Two reasons really, first of all going to a gig is obviously a shared experience in that part of the attraction is the feeling of being part of something and with a sense of community.
The other reason is The Jam song which is one of my favourite tunes and although not on the subjects of gigs is just something that I think was a good identity to use.

If you have any comments or feedback then please email me at ian@inthecrowd.co.uk.

Thank you, goodnight and we’ll see you next time.